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Are those Turkish cruise ships?

The Turkish family that had been on the grounds with us, was nowhere to be seen anymore. Maybe they had enough of the pile of rocks, and left the premises. Maybe they were in the same cistern we ducked into half an hour before. J had gone in first, but …


A dream within a dream.

A soft tick sounded against the nose of my glittering shoe. I looked down, and saw my purple ballpoint laying on the dark green carpet of our hotel room. “How did you get there?” I mumbled to myself, as I reached to pick it up. This pen is not one …

home is where the heart is

Bittersweet symphony

It’s been less than a week since I came home from my trip to Turkey. My luggage still sits at the side of my sofa, waiting to be unpacked. Apart from the bare necessities like underwair, toothpaste and the little hippo I have had since I was ten days old, …