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Are those Turkish cruise ships?

The Turkish family that had been on the grounds with us, was nowhere to be seen anymore. Maybe they had enough of the pile of rocks, and left the premises. Maybe they were in the same cistern we ducked into half an hour before. J had gone in first, but …


Morning in the woods

The trees around me are tall, old, and green as I walk up to the mansion. The forest bed is soft, covered in pine needles, and I can feel my feet sink in, bounce a little as I walk. The sun has just come up, and shines its early rays …


“You should write a book.”

She folded the piece of paper neatly in half, twice. With a firm kick of her high-heeled boot, the chair rolled away form the desk. She decided that talking to her colleague about this subject through the Office Communicator wasn’t the smartest option. One can never be sure about the big …