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Tell Laura I Love Her

We are at an airport in the south of France. This is where we must part ways for god knows how long. J’s plane is departing before mine, so I am standing in the hall, watching him go through security. I am not sure whether we came to the airport together, …


Morning in the woods

The trees around me are tall, old, and green as I walk up to the mansion. The forest bed is soft, covered in pine needles, and I can feel my feet sink in, bounce a little as I walk. The sun has just come up, and shines its early rays …


A dream within a dream.

A soft tick sounded against the nose of my glittering shoe. I looked down, and saw my purple ballpoint laying on the dark green carpet of our hotel room. “How did you get there?” I mumbled to myself, as I reached to pick it up. This pen is not one …


How could I be mad?

How many times have I said to myself, I won’t do it anymore, I don’t want to get hurt anymore..? How may times have I written it down? How many times have I tried, and failed miserably? Countless times, I’ve lost track. Yet somehow the message imprinted in my brain …