Ode to Love

Love, flow though me, like the river that connects oceans and evaporates into rain.

Love, surround me like the thunderstorm that makes the cottage quake on its foundations.

Love, ring in my ears, like the sound of whispered words in a forgotten country song.

Love, fill me to the rim, like a balloon full of water that stretches but never spills.

Love, embrace me like the caterpillar’s cocoon, nurturing until the butterfly bursts free.

Love, release me like a balloon with messages and wishes for a stranger in faraway lands.

Love, touch me, like skin moving skin with no beginning and no end.

Love, speak to me, like the sound of the ocean breaking down on the beach.

Love, amaze me, like a rainbow in the rear view mirror on a hot summer’s day.

Love, crawl under my skin, like the touch of his hand that lingers on my thigh.

Love, grow larger, as only you can when shared

Love, I love you, and the way you make me feel.

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