Italia, TVB!

Ciao Tutti!

It isn’t until you actually start doing what you love most, that you actually realise it you love it the most. In my case that started with studying Liberal Arts and Sciences, and continues with Italian. I already knew I liked languages, and I am a fast learner as well. I always thought languages should be stuff you just learn on the side, because they’re so easy to learn on the side. College should be limited to “the real and serious” stuff. But hey, turns out I LOVE studying the grammar, automatically sensing the use of specific nuances where others seem to be struggeling with it.

And Italian is a beautiful language. In every essence of the language, the culture of the Italian people is represented. Italians are supposed to be charmeurs, romantics, amantes. So they use the word amare, to love, only when talking to lovers. You only say ti amo to your spouse, girl/boyfriend etc. For every other person you really have a warmfelt affection for, you use “ti voglio bene…”, or “I like you a lot”. This is striking to me, since in Dutch, the word “houden van” (to love) is used to express that specific feeling to anyone you want. It might take some time before you actually say it to a person, but when you say it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a lover or a close friend or family. To love is to love. These things are what makes learning a language worth while!

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