Ciao, come stai?

Hey there!

This is just a short message now, because I’m in an internetcafe right in my street :) How great is that, my host adress couldn’t have been any better. There’s so much here, right in my street! It would have been nice to be closer to the centre, but hey, can’t have all, right!

Lessons are fine, turns out I’m in level 4 of 10, so pretty good. The teacher is really nice, and she reminds me of Angelina, my french teacher in high school.

The past two nights we had a lot of rain, an not the kind that you have in Holland but really a lot! We even had ice falling from the sky yesterday!

Yesterday, I went out with some people from school. Every wednesday there’s a special price for Dilit students in this bar called Anima. 15 euro’s all you can drink between 9 and 12 pm. And so I did. Hell no that I’m doing that again… But I had fun! Today was a bit slow.

Thats it for now, I’m going to make some dinner:)

Take care,


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