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Since I got my Minolta Dynax 505 si Super for my birthday last year, I’ve been crazy about taking pictures. It’s an art and a craft by itself, and with my trip to Rome coming up, I’ve been reading and rereading instructions on how to take the best pictures. My dad got me a trpod for my b-day last week, so now I can make the best pics of the colosseum at night. I hope. If my pictures fail, it’s not because my camera wasn’t steady!

The internet is a wonderful source to get inspirated, and so I am. Long shuttertime, small diaframe, tripod, cars chasing by.. It’s all there in my head! Mom’s gonna get me a photography course at Parnassos for my birthday, so hopefully I can improve my technique.

When I get back, I’ll post a link to my Rome photoalbum on , so you can see the results for yourself. For now, I’ll post some of the pics that inspire me (somehow, everything looks better by night..)



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