I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Hill with a viewThe room I am in is lighted from the left. A large window/garage door looks out over a hill side that is olive trees. On the left of me, there is a white painted wall. The floor is covered in beige linoleum; not that it matters, but it did define how my step on the floor felt. Bouncy, but firm – like my perfection boobs he loves so much. The work area was both meant for D’s garage business, and for J’s aunt’s carpet business. I found it interesting how they had managed to combine the two in such a limited work area, but it didn’t surprise me all that much – I figured that J must have developed his problem-solving mentality somewhere…

What I was doing there without J, I have no clue. I would have thought that if I were there with his aunt, he’d be there too. His aunt was busy discussing carpet business though, so she did not have a lot of time to spend connecting with me. I walked through a room and the back of her head was all I saw. My dad, who was on the trip with to Turkey with me, was nowhere to be seen. Even though I was at his family’s house, I had no idea if I’d be seeing J or not. It felt like he had to come there at some point though, not being able to be away from his Second Home for long – so I just took a chance. My phone had a new functionality; I could now see on Google Maps which of my friends we close to me on the map. I had full control of whose dots showed up on my map and whose didn’t, like an advanced version of the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter.

Anyway, his aunt had welcomed me at her house while she had to work on selling carpets with J’s uncle. I felt like in Limbo, not knowing when and whether he’d show up. If he’d be there at all. I then took a casual look at the map; the first I had all night. I saw a little turquoise dot blink on my map and I knew it had to be him, for I had disabled all my friends’ dots. It was just a little blue dot, but I saw him light up close to me and that was enough to have me bouncing around the room. I figured it would take an hour for him to be with me, considering the scale of the map and the speed at which the dot was moving. But then again, my sense of direction and reading maps and estimating arrival times are not my strong suits. I still figured he had to be at least another hour away – but the dot moved so fast that I thanked the highway and low traffic.

I decided I couldn’t stay indoors any longer, so I ran through some corridors, letting the map help me to get closer to J, but of course my excitement and sense of direction made me go wrong (and this all happened very fast). I started running in one direction, saw myself moving away from the very fast-moving dot, so I turned around, towards the dot, and thought, how is it moving so fast? This seems like he’s right around the corner, but huh, isn’t he with his car on the highway? I jogged through the room where I saw the back of his aunt’s head, and boom, almost ran into him, there he was, coming to a halt in the corridor. I said, Hey! You’re here already! And he seemed surprised but happy to bump into me. He was dressed in something formal, long pants and fancy blazer, white shirt, I think.

We hugged, long, tight, his arms nice around my back. My head tightly to his chest. He said, “What do you wanna do?” And I said, “Car sex.” And he said, “Okay. But that means I have to change my clothes, I was expecting you to say something else. We’re gonna drive somewhere nice. Here, take this” -handing me his wallet and his iPod as we arrived at his car- and I knew exactly what to do as I climbed in the passenger seat. Wallet under the radio, iPod on country songs, while he ducked in the back to get some shorts and a football shirt.

We were standing in that spot and he hugged me back, my head on his chest, he was wearing his coral red t-shirt. Oh I love that shirt on him. I wore a similar colored one that he lent me on the day after the wedding, but apparently he has more than one in that color. I had my cheek on his chest, arms firm around his back, and even though I am not that short compared to him, it felt awesome, snuggling up, standing like that. I squeezed a little harder, hardly believing he was there in my arms. I looked up, looked at his gorgeous face, his 3 day beard, and hugged him again. So then we went to the car, and the changing happened. As he was ducking over the back seat behind the driver, and I was sitting in the passenger seat, I went through the hole in the middle, and in a weird position, hugged him again. I was so, so happy to be there with him, head on his chest…
So there we were, in the car. I was like, yeahhh, we’re finally gonna do it in the car, and we both knew, so there was this tension in the air, as I went back to the passenger seat. He got back to the driver seat. He sat down behind the wheel, looked at me, and I knew I was right where I needed to be, feet on the dash like I always do, and placed my hand on his leg. He leaned in and kissed me, sending sparks through me.  Then I woke up.

This was from the night of March 9th to March 10th.

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