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lego rain

We made these memories for ourselves.

“Here, hold my suitcase.” The clouds just broke open and a massive amount of water was pouring down on everything, including us. You want to start running towards shelter, to prevent the rain from soaking your Ralph Lauren shirt. I hold your hand and laugh. “Don’t run, stay here in …

Birds fly

Blanche Neige et les sept Leprecons?!

It was quite typical to not hear from J for days in a row. I would send him messages with regular intervals, letting him know I was thingking about him, and whenever he found something in them that appealed to his imagination, I would get a short, humerous response that …


A dream within a dream.

A soft tick sounded against the nose of my glittering shoe. I looked down, and saw my purple ballpoint laying on the dark green carpet of our hotel room. “How did you get there?” I mumbled to myself, as I reached to pick it up. This pen is not one …