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cabin in the woods

Your Tree House, or Mine?

A forest, or a similar rustic area. The lodging we were at, was simple, unkept, but we had a roof over our heads so it was enough. It was like a group of hippies or some living community had moved into these simple cabins in the woods a long time …

Hill with a view

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

The room I am in is lighted from the left. A large window/garage door looks out over a hill side that is olive trees. On the left of me, there is a white painted wall. The floor is covered in beige linoleum; not that it matters, but it did define …


Tell Laura I Love Her

We are at an airport in the south of France. This is where we must part ways for god knows how long. J’s plane is departing before mine, so I am standing in the hall, watching him go through security. I am not sure whether we came to the airport together, …


Morning in the woods

The trees around me are tall, old, and green as I walk up to the mansion. The forest bed is soft, covered in pine needles, and I can feel my feet sink in, bounce a little as I walk. The sun has just come up, and shines its early rays …


It’s a fucking palace man!

As the car pulled up to the gates, my mouth fell open in amazement. Behind the rusty, unhinged doors, an enormous mansion appeared. The wall around the premises gave away a few clues about the state of this landmark estate itself; the cement had turned to dust in some places, …